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As usually I haven't posted something for ages. Of course, i have some reasons. I'm school leaver, so i haven't got enough time to write. I could write about fashion, style, but i don't want to. I want to share my thoughts with beautiful strangers that randomly came to my blog.
First of all, i want to say, that all of you must be confident about your personality. You are interesting in your own way and it's really important to know that. There is nothing wrong with you or your feelings. I'm just saying it because i have spent half of my life thinking that I'm not good enough, that i should be funny and appeal to everyone, that i need to have a relationship in order to be happy. It's not right. There is no limits. There shouldn't be. Life is so short, you can't even feel the flow of time because you're a victim of time. You will always be, no matter what. And the only way to live a life is just to deal with it. Leave this though in the past and move on. Talking about relationship and love... I have been thinking what is love. I have read a lot of books and thoughts about it. A lot of people say that love can be very different : you can love man, woman, parents, life, dog.. But we should admit that love is the same. Some intelligent people say that love is love, but people really like to add labels to everyone and everything. I believe in real love. I think once you in love with a person, you will love him forever. I'm not talking about those fun, careless relationships when people say "i love you" and buy teddy bears which are bigger than your brain, head or even you. I am talking about that soul partner who brings you calmness and clear mind. That only person who is your soul mate.
Thats all for now, i think.

Listen to yourself.
Lots of love, Ineta

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